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Pedestrian Bridge
The Urban Land Institute in their report to the area challenged us to build bridges both figuratively and literally between cultures, classes and communities. One of their recommendations was an iconic pedestrian bridge linking the Red River District to the Louisiana Boardwalk. The Northwest Louisiana Council of Governments (NLCOG) in conjunction with the Project SB Steering Committee sponsored a Design Competition to solicit architectural and engineering design ideas to “bridge our communities”. Seventeen submissions were received in the following categories 3 from professionals, 2 from students, and 12 from the general public. The first and second place winners from each category were awarded a monetary prize.

Since completion of the design competition NLCOG has presented the winning proposals to many civic organizations and groups. Response has been overwhelming supportive although there are still issues to ad dress.. The task now at hand is to find funding for the project and to work its way through the political landscape of a project located in multiple cities and parishes, potentially on both public and private property, and crossing a navigable waterway.

Bill Altimus,
Kent Rogers,


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