Task Force Groups

Leadership Summit
• Help our community address the three foundation issues of community improvement identified in the Project SB report:
• We need to learn how to talk and listen to each other
• We need to sell ourselves to ourselves
• We need to maintain a culture of working together

Develop a group of Civic Connectors – a group that will develop a series of Community Forums and other opportunities to listen, record, and analyze what is said across Shreveport-Bossier on what matters to us and how our community could make a difference in these important matters.

Find the common themes that bridge the divisions of race, parts of town, and the river through community dialog and a vision of a successful Shreveport-Bossier region. Begin to address the problem of selling ourselves to ourselves by collecting information on what makes us proud of our community.

Lay the ground work for maintaining continued community dialog by first creating a process of learning how to talk to each other and determining what the community feels are major priorities.

Develop a will and constituency for community action – focusing attention on what matters to us and seeking input and solutions from people on “what is missing, that if provided, could make a difference”.

Develop a process to find a “home for the work” on identified community priorities – a home in government, non-profit, business or a combination of sectors.

Dr. Phillip Rozeman,


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