Urban Land Institute (ULI) Panel

On behalf of the Urban Land Institute the panel extends its sincere appreciation to the panel sponsor, the Northwest Louisiana Association of Realtors, and the members of Project SB.

Panel Chair
Leigh M. Ferguson - Birmingham, Alabama
Ferguson is the director of Urban Living and executive vice president with the Sloss Real Estate Group. His primary duties include operating the residential and mixed-use real estate development and management division, with a focus on urban mixed-use community development projects as a continuing part of revitalizing Birmingham’s Center City. Ferguson also managed Sloss’s participation in a joint venture for a $100 million HOPE VI, mixed-income residential development.

Panel Members
Michael D. Beyard - Washington, D.C.
Beyard is an urban planner and economist with more than 20 years of experience in the related fields of real estate development, land use planning, and economic development. His experience is focused in the United States and Europe on commercial and retail development, shopping centers, e-commerce, location-based entertainment, and downtown revitalization.

Carolyn A. Dekle -
Hollywood, Florida
Dekle is executive director of the South FloridaRegional Planning Council, a planning and public policy agency serving Broward, Dade, and Monroe counties. Specific responsibilities include development and administration of the local plan review process and development and implementation of the regional plan for South Florida. Building consensus on the identification and resolution of critical issues and policies for the South Florida area is one of her primary responsibilities. Before October 1991, she served as assistant director of the South Florida Regional Planning Council; she was responsible for program management.

James R. Harris -
Fort Worth, Texas
Harris is president and owner of the James R. Harris Company, a single-family residential development company. The company has been developing quality residential neighborhoods and master-planned communities in the Dallas—Fort Worth area since 1979. It has developed more than 17,000 residential lots. It has also developed residential property in Aspen, Colorado; Austin, Texas; and Tyler, Texas. Harris also owns Village Homes, a custom home building company specializing in urban and infill sites, and Sun Creek Homes, a partnership that develops manufactured home communities.

Cecilia A. Mowatt -
Chicago, Illinois
Mowatt is an attorney with extensive experience in corporate strategy, asset management, and real estate transactions. Formerly the first international president of GVA Worldwide, a real estate services firm, she launched her own real estate consulting firm, Strategies In Site, Inc., at the end of 2002.

Paul Moyer -
Alexandria, Virginia
Moyer began his career with EDAW, Inc., in 1987 shortly after graduating from college and has advanced to become managing principal of the Alexandria office, regional director of the Eastern Region, and a vice president of the firm. A certified planner with a diverse background in architecture, urban design, land use planning, and environmental analysis, Moyer has applied his talents to community-based projects for both public and private sector clients, from the military to developers.

Thomas Murphy -
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Murphy is ULI’s Gulf Coast Initiative coordinator. He is a former mayor of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. When Murphy took office in January 1994, Pittsburgh was suffering from one of the worst inferiority complexes in its history. The city had yet to right itself after wrenching changes in the steel industry that began in the early 1980s. The physical environment reflected the economic and psychological depression running through the region. The city was desperate for a leader who would direct a physical and psychological turnaround. After Murphy’s two terms in office, the Pittsburgh that he inherited is a dim memory. Replacing it today is a high-energy, cosmopolitan city that glows with optimism about its future.

Zane Segal -
Houston, Texas
Segal is a developer, marketing consultant, and real estate broker and president of Zane Segal Projects, Inc. Focusing on mixed-use, residential, retail, historic, hospitality, urban, and resort properties, Segal has 27 years of experience in real estate venture management, development, construction, brokerage, and marketing for a range of property types including land, lofts, townhomes, custom homes, low- and mid-rise condominiums, hotels, retail centers, office buildings, subdivisions, and sports facilities, as well as mixed-use projects incorporating several property types.

Warren Whitlock -
New York, New York
Whitlock is the director of construction coordination for Columbia University and has 25 years of varied experience in disaster relief and recovery, construction coordination, strategic planning, real estate development, finance, and government. One of the top economic development professionals in New York City, Whitlock is a senior executive member of Columbia University’s facilities department as well as a senior planning team member of the university’s initiative to acquire 18 acres and expand into the Manhattanville section of West Harlem. This 30-year project involves, among other things, the construction of an expandable bathtub to ensure nonaqueous penetration of the project site to depths of 180 feet in soil and sand conditions. Whitlock is the university’s primary liaison for all construction activity, which, since 2000, has delivered more than $1 billion in capital construction projects. He also oversees Columbia’s MBE, WBE, and LBE participation initiative, which, through the first quarter of 2005, exceeded 39 percent participation by such businesses in its large-scale construction projects.



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